Pope Nyala Sports


Skipper’s haven has a new announcement... With a new season, we have a new addition, a new face.
We are proud to announce the award for Skippers Havens Face has gone to none other than POPE NYALA.

Due to being at such a young impressionable age we were forced to hold back the title until now. However she is ready to take on the prestigious role of duty and deliver excellent quality of service to the demanding fans. 

She will be responsible for entertainment activities at the lodge and other tasks that the job role entails. These include crab hunting, child management and delivery of games and fun. She will also be managing the Masai guards making sure full security of the lodge is attained at all times including beach safety patrol. You can be rest assured baby sitting duties will be taken care of during your stay at the lodge ensuring the kids are never bored and are kept amused at all times. It will leave the adults plenty free time to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach life without helping dig those dreaded holes in the sand your kids constantly request!

It was a tough competition with a very close runner up on the ballot vote.

 We feel the winner will live up to the demand of the position and be an attribute to the lodge.
Let us unveil – POPE NYALA ~ the People's Dog!